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The Winns Lockdown Gallery

A big Winns Primary School thankyou to all the parents and carers that have been busy sending in photos of your children engaged in a mind-boggling range of activities during our time at home. We will be refreshing the gallery page on a regular basis and will share your children's photos so that their friends can see how busy they have been while staying safe and healthy.


Many of you have been busy reading, listening to the stories on our school website, drawing, colouring, planting and making some fantastic creations. See some of the brilliant examples below. Keep the photos coming in folks.  Thank you one and all - including all those hardworking mums, dad and carers. You are all heroes!


Remember, for safety online, photos of your work and not you. Thank you.


Send your photos of the activities you are doing at home during lockdown to:


Week Commencing Monday 20th April

You have all been really busy over the past week coming up with all sorts of creative activities. Shrihari in 2KR has been busy drawing pictures, writing stories, labelling diagrams and looking after plants. Keep up the good work!
Shrihari 2KR - A very accurately labelled carrot.
Shrihari 2KR - Design-a-Giant.
Shrihari 2KR -This plant looks well looked after.
Shrihari 2KR - A wonderful story.

Freya in 3EP has designed her very own canopic jar based on her favourite animal. Can you guess which one?

Freya 3EP

Isla in 1GF has created this amazing pretty pink piggy. Take a closer look to see how many different items around her house she has used. So pretty!

Isla 1GF

Noah in 1LG coloured, labelled and ordered pictures to create the life cycle of a butterfly. He then re-created the key elements from the life cycle using play dough.

Noah 1LG
Noah 1LG
                             Week Commencing Monday 13th April
Leila in 2JS has been busy at home planting sunflower seeds and pea shoots, both her and mum observed and noted down their progress each day. Leila has also experimented by soaking some peas and removing the outer shell to see if it makes any difference to their growth. We will keep you posted on their progress.

Plant growth experiments and Fimo clay models

Leila 2RU - Watch these grow....
Leila 2RU - Totoro and the sunflower.

Lovely primulas from George in 2JS

George 2JS - A lovely vibrant photograph.
George 2JS - A marvellous mosaic.
Leo (3ED and Paloma (1GF) have been keeping themselves busy with some amazing activities and some pretty cool colouring. I am sure their teachers will be pleased to see how much the children are missing them. Keep up the good work folks and well done to the mums and dads for continuing to send in some lovely photos.

A very busy week!

A busy week indeed.....
Some lovely colouring sheets
Miss Dodge is missing you too Leo...
I am sure Miss Fiander is also missing you Paloma
Green shoots.....?

How fish adapt to their environment.

Isla in 1GF has beautifully annotated her fish.

Week Commencing Monday 6th April

Joe in 2JS has taken the Lego challenge seriously.
 Well done Joe! A beautifully uplifting rainbow...
Maya RAS - A very colourful Triceratops!
Maya RAS - Some good examples of 'au' sounds
Maya RAS - MTV (Maya TV) The Sock Puppet Show...
Maya RAS - Beautiful sock puppets.
Maya RAS - Storytime with Granny using FaceTime
Maya RAS - Jamming.....?
Lola Blu (2CF) & Lyza Beau (RRC)
Lola Blu (2CF) & Lyza Beau (RRC)

Lyza Beau and Lola Blu have been staying safe and well and keeping busy throughout their time at home, including painting lovely posters in support of our great NHS heroes. Mum says, 'today has been about exercise and helping each other complete tasks. Tomorrow we are learning about the importance of our precious honey bees. The girls chose the subject for tomorrow so I was super impressed when they both suggested honey bees 🐝.' 

Well done girls - it looks like you have a busy day ahead tomorrow. 

Romy 1GF - A detailed drawing of a home habit.

Week Commencing 30th March 2020

Imogen - 3JM

Number Fun and Wishing Jar

Sam RJC Great ordering Sam.
Sam RJC - Tricky tongs and two beans!
Sam RJC -Number car park.
Sam RJC A trip to the circus sounds a great idea.

Potions, planting and posting cards.

Henry 1DB Amazing potions.
Henry 1DB
Henry 1DB Posting some cards to my friends.

Amazing Watercolour

Noah 1LG - Musée d'Orsay maybe?

Lego Challenge anyone?

Harris 1LG - Cowabunga!

We love poetry too.

A lovely poem to lift our spirits!

Bake and Grow Sale by Friends of The Winns

Friends of The Winns held a Bake & Grow Sale on Thursday 13th February at 3:30pm in the school playground to raise money towards buying flower boxes and insect loving flowers and shrubs for the school.

We were overwhelmed by the large number of cakes that were donated in the run up to the sale and the army of volunteers who ran the stall. We are delighted to announce that we raised a fantastic £261.55. Well done everybody.

A selection of the cakes that were sold at the Bake Sale

Chinese New Year 

Children from our Nursery have joined in the celebrations in the run up to the Chinese New Year that begins on January 25th 2020. They got into the swing of things by making some delicious stir-fried noodles and, as you can see from the photos, we may have one or two budding young Masterchefs in our midst. After their culinary exploits, they made their way to Higham Hill Library where they created some traditional Chinese rice hats and as a reward, received some luck red envelopes. Well done everyone and 新年快樂 Xīnnián kuàilè (Happy New Year)

Chinese New Year - Nursery Celebrations

The Night Before Christmas

Our wonderful whole-school display at Christmas

Christmas Concerts

Our Christmas concerts began in early December and continued into the final week of term. We had many memorable concerts that lifted the mood on those dark, damp December days and spread a little festive cheer. We began proceedings with the Reception and Nursery classes in the first week, quickly followed by Year 2’s production of ‘Prickly Hay’ before finishing the second week on a high with our Year 3 children belting out some traditional Christmas numbers.The final week saw concerts feature Years 4, 5 and 6 and concluded on Wednesday 18th December - incidentally the same day that our year group children’s parties began. The children have shown that they are confident performers and sang some beautiful Christmas songs and performed some amazing poems. As ever, we were bowled over by the level of support from our parents who turned up in such large numbers that it was a squeeze fitting everyone in. Thank you everyone and have a peaceful and restful Christmas!

Christmas Concerts


Treginnis Farm - Year 5 November 2019

Squeezing everything into one day!

A stunning sunrise set on the Pembrokeshire coast.
Examining the goats
Harvesting Autumn crops
The children get to make pizzas and bake biscuits
Mulching unwanted crops to feed the pigs
This is hard work!
The piglets being fed and watered
On our way back from St Davids

A trip into St Davids - Tuesday 19th November

Working With Our Furry Friends!

Weekend Working on the Farm

In the Boot Room at 7:30 am Saturday morning

Newgale Beach

A stop off at Newgale Beach

Cooking Pizzas on Thursday at Treginnis Farm

More work to be done on the farm.

Thursday Trip to Whitesands Beach - Thursday 27th June

Log sawing on Wednesday 26th June

Trip into St Davids on Tuesday 25th June.

The Young Farmers took time out to visit the smallest city in the United Kingdom on Tuesday. Here they visited St Davids Cathedral and also heard about the founding of this great city.

Jobs around the farm on Monday.
A trip to the beach.
Look at this little beauty!
Want to hold it?
Lucky we’re wearing our wellies!
Watching the tide go out
Sunday morning jobs around the farm. 

Here you can see our farmers planting next season’s crops. Once grown, all produce goes straight back into the kitchens on Treginnis Farm and ends up on the plates of other groups of children.

Make sure they are spaced out properly.
Lining up for the next task.
Dan the farmer explains the next task.
Mooooove a bit closer farmers!
It’s nice to get a little ‘down time’.

Group photos out and about on the farm.

The Winns Farmers embark on a range of tasks during their first two days on the farm.

Take a look and see how our young farmers are handling some of their daily farm tasks.

Tucking into a hearty breakfast sets our farmers up for the day ahead!

Breakfast tables.

Year 6 Treginnis Farm Trip June 2019
Our Year 6 children have arrived safely for their week-long trip to Treginnis Farm on the lovely Pembrokeshire coast in West Wales. Keep checking the gallery pages for updates. 

We've Arrived!

Year 5 Ancient Greece Workshop
Year 5 children were treated to a trip back in time last week with a workshop on Ancient Greece. They learned about the origins of democracy, the rivalries between the warring city states of Athens and Sparta as well as learning about the philosophical ideas of Plato and Socrates. They also learnt about everyday life as a Greek citizen. As you can see, the children had a whale of a time and cannot wait until their next workshop. 

Ancient Greek Workshop

Year 5 Treginnis October 2018 **Scroll down to see what the children have been up to on the farm.**

As our young farmers in Year 5 come to the end of a glorious week at Treginnis Farm, they spend one last afternoon exploring the stunning Pembrokeshire coastline.

Our young farmers explore the Pembrokeshire coast.

Enjoying the open space and sunshine on Treginnis Farm.

Still image for this video

Day Four - Enjoying some free time and then on to some tasks.

A visit to St Davids - the smallest city in the United Kingdom.

Potato Harvest on Day Three

Day 1 - Getting to grips with work down on the farm.

I've got a new friend!
Looking after the ducks.
Hey. Stay still for the photo.
That one's trying to escape!
Baby chicks.

Farming Activities Day 1

Time on the beach.

Birthday Celebrations!

Just arrived and already celebrating a birthday.

We have arrived! After a long journey the Year 5 children have arrived safely at Treginnis Farm.

























Over the course of the week spent on the farm, everybody has played an important role in looking after the animals and making sure all of the other farm tasks were completed. Some of our children stood out as promising farmers of the future. It was a very tough decision but the winners of Farmer of The Week are pictured below.
More work to be done. The week is almost over and we will soon be heading back to London.
Whilst the children were away on their trip to Wales, there were several occasions where they got to enjoy the magnificent coastline.
After a hard day working, there's nothing better than a well-earned meal. Delicious!
Our young farmers can turn their hand to most things during their week away. This time they get to show off their culinary skills by making pizzas. Che bella pizza!!
Day 5 - Our children spend some time away from Treginnis Farm visiting the smallest city in the United Kindom - St Davids. 
Highlights of the first four days of our stay at Treginnis.
Day 4 - The next collection of images show a birth and adoption. Our Year 5 children were incredibly lucky to witness this. 
Day 4 - Pigs and poultry. These farmers won't get boar-ed with all the hard work. Let's get crackling on and finish the feeding.
Some free time before the days work begins.
Caring for the newborn lambs.
Spending a sunny Sunday afternoon beachcombing.
Day 3 - The sun is shining but there's work still to be done.
Take a look at the gallery below to find out what our would-be farmers got up to on day 2 of their stay.
Now for some downtime before bed.
Mr Perrin coordinating his clothes to match the beans he's dishing up. Let's hope he's bought enough matching outfits!
The children tucking into a well-earned dinner at the end of a long day travelling.
Farmer Dan giving a talk about how to stay safe on the farm.
We have arrived safely after an epic journey. Now the hard work and fun begins!
A group of our Year 5 children are in West Wales for a week to experience what life on a working farm is like. Keep posted for regular updates on the gallery page.
The journey to Wales. Time to stretch our legs and have a bite to eat.
Some of our Year 6 children are currently visiting Treginnis Farm on the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales. This annual trip provides a unique opportunity to live and work together for a week on a real farm in the heart of the countryside. Please check the gallery for regular updates on what the children are getting up to.

Treginnis Farm Year 6 Autumn 2017

Our arrival at Treginnis on Friday 29th September.
A 7:30am start in the Boot Room.
We're having these for breakfast a little later.
Turkey herding!
Out on the sheep check.
Some unusual chicken varieties on the farm
Taking Milo for a walk
Looking out over Ramsey Island
These two are a handful.
Seal spotting!
Early morning goat feeding
A new friend!
Mervyn and his new friend!
Beachcombing on Porthllisky
Look what we've found!
Having fun on the beach.
Feeding the calves
Hey......give me my hand back!
Taking a well-earned rest.
Let's go for a walk.
Can you give my nose a scratch?
Walking the donkeys
Getting stuck into the digging.
Phew! This is hard work.
These ones will do nicely
These will be going into our lunchtime soup
One potato, two potato, three potato, four.......
Proudly displaying the farm's new tractor
Look what we've made!

The children have been working hard and producing some amazing and beautiful work which is proudly displayed all around our school.  Below is a selection of our current displays.

Nursery Displays


Year Three

Year Six