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Covid 19 – (Coronavirus) Update


Dear Parents,

I am writing to update you on the current situation in relation to the Coronavirus.


Possible School Closure.


At the moment we are staying open. We will only close if the Government instructs us to do so or if we have a registered case of Coronavirus in school.


If we have a registered case then the school will ask that child to be withdrawn from school for possible treatment. School will close to allow for a deep clean and re-open once the deep clean has been completed.


Please be assured that we will keep up to date with Government advice and inform everyone as soon as any changes are made.


Preventative Action in school.


We receive a daily e-mail from the Department for Education outlining actions we should take in school. To date we have introduced the following action.



· Hand Sanitisers have been topped up

· New soap dispensers have been installed

· Soap is being checked on a frequent basis and topped up where necessary.

· All handles are cleaned twice each day.

· Each class has watched an official hand washing video and children have been instructed about the correct actions with:-


· Tissues

· Sneezing

· Coughing

· Face Touching

· Putting their hands on their face

· Putting their fingers into their noses

· How to wash their hands effectively, and

· The need for frequent handwashing



Assemblies have been held to discuss the facts related to Coronavirus and the importance of hygiene particularly with hands to avoid passing on any virus.


We will continue to keep abreast of any changes and implement them where necessary.




The Government have produced clear guidance in relation to who should self-isolate and / or seek NHS advice. In terms of absence we understand that parents / carers may have concerns but children should only be self-isolating if they or a family member is ill or in an at risk category.


If you are self-isolating, please make sure that you let the school office know.


Working from home and communications.


For those children who are self-isolating we have provided links to learning resources that can be used by the children. These links can be found on the school’s website. The resources are available if we have to close the school.


We will make sure we communicate as widely as possible by using our website, parent mail, facebook and by paper. This should ensure we have contacted the widest possible audience when necessary.


Please remember we are dealing with matters on a daily basis with constantly evolving changes. We have kept the children well informed about the Coronavirus in a calm and sensible manner and we will continue to do so.


I will communicate again when I have any new information.



Yours sincerely,



Paul Ryan

Head Teacher