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End of First Week Letter from our new Headteacher


Dear parents and carers,


Thank you for your support this week as we welcomed almost all children back to school. They were incredible. Once we managed to get them through the school gates, they quickly settled back and adapted to new ways of doing things. You would never have guessed that some of them had not been in school for such a long time. Having the sun shine all week really helped. It was so lovely seeing them outside catching up with old friends and reclaiming the playground once more. They coped really well with new playground arrangements and handwashing routines and loved being back with their old teachers.

In my first week as headteacher at The Winns, I have been hugely impressed by the children’s behaviour. The school feels like a really lovely place to work and learn and everyone has made me feel very welcome. I can now find my way around the building without getting lost! The children are confident , friendly and have lovely manners. I was able to meet all of them in assemblies during the week and I am spending as much time as I can outside in the playground where they are very happy to come and chat to me. One of my challenges is to try to learn as many children’s names as possible as quickly as I can names – it will take me some time!

Thank you hugely for your support at the gates this week. Starts and ends of day were always going to be challenging but as the days went on, we were able to get children on and off site much more smoothly. Your patience really helped. We know having drop off and collection points at different gates at different times is proving difficult for families who have a number of children. We are looking at ways to make this a bit easier for you next week.

Just a couple of reminders about drop off and collections:

- We know that we have to be really careful to prevent Covid19 spreading in our community.

- Please keep a 2m distance from others when waiting at the school gates.

- Do not block the entrances and if you are early, move away from the gate and stand on the other side of the road if possible.

- Keeping a 2 m distance from other adults is crucial

- To keep numbers as low as possible at the gates, we are asking that only one parent or carer drops off and collects

- We are encouraging parents to wear masks when waiting at the gate and also ask that you wear a mask if you come to the office.

- Please make sure you are on time


Next Tuesday, the children meet their new teacher and find out where their new classroom is. On Wednesday, children will start the day in their new classrooms. Some of you have asked questions about how this will work. Please don’t worry – it has been arranged to make it as easy as possible for you. Your start and finish time will stay the same – some classes may however have a different gate to drop off and collect at. You will receive a letter on Tuesday letting you know what gate you will need to go to in the morning.

We know that drop off and collection on Wednesday will take longer because the teachers will not know the parents and carers. Please continue to be patient as we need to ensure children are handed over safely. Once we know who you are, timings will ‘speed up’ again.

Have a lovely weekend and keep safe.


Best wishes,



Fiona Judge