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Letter to Parents of Year 1 Children returning on Tuesday 29th September

25th September 2020

Dear parents

We are all looking forward to you returning to school on Tuesday 29th September.  School has been very quiet without you and we have missed the children hugely.  Just to reassure you – we have had no positive cases since and staff and children are all well.

We know that Year 1 children might feel a little uncertain returning to school as they will be moving straight into new classrooms and having new teachers.  Hopefully, most children will have ‘met’ their teacher over Zoom – if not, don’t worry.  Teachers will be waiting for them in the playground Tuesday morning, ready to welcome them all back.

What do I need to do when I arrive in school on Tuesday?

Start time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is 9.00am (please note that it will change on Friday)

Start of day

Please line up on Tuesday at the gate on Fleeming Road, maintaining your distance from others until 9.00 am (please avoid arriving too early).   At 9.00 am children will come into school on their own and line up with their teachers who will be in the playground helping them to find their classes.

We know this will take a bit longer on the first day or two as children learn where they need to be.  

You will notice other children coming into school and going straight to their classes between 8.45 and 9.00 – this is the system that is now in place for children from Y2 – Y6 and is working really well.  It has made a huge difference to the number of adults we have outside the school gates in the morning.

From Friday, Year 1 will then do what the rest of the school are doing – they will be able to come into school between 8.45am and 9.00am and instead of lining up in the playground, will go straight to their classes where their teachers will be waiting.  Adults will be available in the playground to support them to make sure that they find their way safely to their classes.

End of day

School will finish for Year 1 at 3.15pm.  Please be on time.  The children will be dismissed from the playground by their teachers.  Please be patient – it will take some time to make sure children are handed over safely.

We ask that you are really mindful of maintaining social distancing at the school gates and also that if you can, wear a mask.   Ends of day are particularly difficult for school.   We are asking that once you have collected your child, you leave immediately and do not wait around talking to other parents.  Year 2 are collected at 3.30 so we need to ensure that Year 1 children have left promptly.

We also ask that only one family member collects your child. 

Please send in a labelled water bottle with your child each day (a re-usable bottle/not one that is single use only).  Please also make sure your child’s jumper/jacket and any other clothes that may get lost are labelled.

Please use the year group email if you need to get in touch with your child’s teacher.  They will be in the playground at the end of the day and able to speak briefly to you.  However, do be aware that their priority at the end of the day is to ensure all children are handed over safely.

Looking forward to seeing you all back in school on Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards


Fiona Judge