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School Re-opening Letter from the Headteacher


                                                                                                                           26th May 2020

Dear Parents,


Towards the end of last week, I sent a parent mail message concerning the Government’s plan for a phased re-opening of the school from the 1st June.


In that short time there has been a lot of advice to schools that has meant that the Government’s plan has been relaxed somewhat. In terms of The Winns, I have had to undertake a thorough risk assessment and work with the Senior Team to put together a plan for a phased re-opening of the school.


This plan was sent to all staff to enable them to assess whether it was safe to re-open the school on the 1st June. I think it would be fair to say that the staff also had to take into consideration, national events and actions. Of particular concern is the current absence of a test, trace, and self-isolation procedure.


On Thursday (19th May) I received replies from all staff about their intentions regarding a return to work. The vast majority indicated that they did not feel it was currently safe enough to re-open the school. A small number of staff are shielding, and a small number indicated they would return to work on a normal basis.


As a result of the responses received, the Senior Team and I had to formulate a plan based on the number of staff available, while continuing to provide childcare for key worker and vulnerable children.


I have to report that it is not possible for us to put the Government’s plan into operation at this time. What we have decided to do is re-open Year 6 for a limited number of children so that we can run a pilot exercise to test our procedures in practice.


All Year 6 parents will be written to separately setting out how the re-opening will work. I also hope the Year 6 pilot exercise will build confidence among the staff and parents to enable a wider re-opening of the school to be possible at some point in the very near future.


I will keep everyone up to date with progress and provide more detail of re-opening plans when they are available. I hope everyone stays safe and well.


Yours sincerely,


Paul Ryan