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School Update on Re-opening Plans

Dear Parents,


I wrote to you earlier this week and said I would provide more information about re-opening the School.


The Senior Team met this morning to plan our next steps and I can confirm the following:-


  • Our first priority is the safety of all the children and staff.  This means that all our planning is based on minimising risks, if at all possible.
  • We are working with approximately half of the Year 6 children to bring them back into the School in a safe manner.  This involves a half-day in School to introduce them to the new procedures that have been put in place.
  • Year 6 are our pilot Year Group and we are testing our procedures, learning lessons and changing where necessary.
  • On Monday, 15th June the Year 6 children, who are returning, will begin teaching and learning for the first time since lockdown began.
  • We will review the success of our procedures during the week beginning the 15th June and begin the planning to open another Year Group.
  • At this stage, it is our plan to begin re-opening Year 5 from Monday, 29th June, as part of our planning prior to that date.
  • Once Year 5 have returned to school, we will then begin to plan to re-open other Year Groups.
  • Due to the time available between now and the end of the Summer Term, it will not be possible for us to re-open all Year Groups.
  • The details of which Year Groups we plan to reopen will be published at a later date.


Please note that planning the re-opening of a Year Group is complex, with many factors to be considered.  One of the most significant factors is available staffing.  As a result, we cannot be precise about all Year Groups re-opening at this stage.


We have also been planning the start of the new School Year and the fact that some Year Groups will have been out of school for many months.


We are planning the transition of all classes into their new class and making sure that September is a positive experience for all the children.  Again, once we have more details, we will be writing to everyone, before the end of this term.


Please remember that your child returning to School remains a choice and there are no penalties in place for not returning.


Finally, please do remember that you can make contact with the Staff via the Year Group emails.  Additionally, if you have any concerns, worries, or need help with anything, you can use the Office emails account.  Similarly, if you know of any family that may need support for whatever reasons, you can use the Office Email Account, which is monitored on a daily basis.


I will continue to up-date everyone when there is more news, as we are in a constantly changing environment.


I hope everyone is safe and well and continues to be so.


Yours sincerely,



Paul Ryan