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Reception Weekly Activities 6th April 2020

Reception Weekly Activities 30 March 2020

Here is a selection of on-line learning resources to help you at home.

Please refer to Early Learning Goals that you received at Parents Evening

A lot of work in Reception is practical and hands on learning. Please feel free to use the websites and apps below but we encourage you to incorporate learning into your daily routines. For example, laying the table, sorting washing and counting everyday objects. Please encourage your child to write sentences daily (lists of what they’ve eaten, favourite animals, writing letters to friends and family). You can also write your child a note and have them reply to you! The children love having real life writing experiences!


Please click on the links below:




Maths (Early Years)




123 Learn Count

Cbeebies Story Time

Online Research

Use the links below to carry out online research for your topics or to help with your homework.