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We have seen many of your wonderful Winns Windows already, and now that we're in December even more children and their families are getting involved. If you haven't decorated your window yet then there's still time as the campaign runs until 31st December. 


Click here to download the blue colour version of the Winns Window plaque that we would like you to include in your decorations, to help people to spot your window when they're out and about.


Send photos of your decorated window along with your address to to be included on the Winns Window trail online map.


‚ÄčThe Stow Brothers estate agents' boards will help you spot 50 windows. We are very pleased to confirm that this has raised £900 for the school. 


‚ÄčIt will be lovely to walk around Walthamstow this month, find a Winns Window, and then feel connected to our school community, even though we can't come together this year.


Many thanks,


Friends of Winns






Dear Children and Parents of The Winns,


Since we announced the Winns Primary School Windows project last week it has been great to hear from families who are already planning their street facing window ready for 1st December. As we hoped, it seems to be a popular way for our school community to feel connected, whilst encouraging creativity and celebration as a family.

We are really pleased to tell you that there is now a way to raise funds for the school from this great project. Local estate agents Stow Brothers are supporting us by donating £15 for each of their estate agent boards that we agree to have outside our homes, promoting the Winns Primary School Windows. 

This is a brilliant way for us to raise money from our community focused idea, as the more boards we have the more we’re giving a local business a great opportunity to give back!

If we get at least 100 families saying yes to a board we get £1,500 for the school and our children.

To take part you we just need you to do the following:

  • Own your home
  • Email to opt in and include the first line of your address and postcode
  • Please do this by Friday 20th November, as Stow Brothers need 2 weeks to print boards and get them up
  • That’s it, as Stow Brothers arrange for the boards to be put up and taken away.

We guarantee that your data will be shared with Stow Brothers for this purpose only, and compliant with GDPR regulations, you will not be added to any of their marketing lists.

If you need another copy of the blue colour plaque to put up in your decorated window then you can find a pdf here on the Winns School website.

Keep an eye on the school’s Twitter account @WinnsPrimary and Facebook page for more Winns Windows updates.


Many thanks,

Friends of Winns

Winns Windows Blue Plaque