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Keep up to date with what's going on in Year 1 by checking here regularly.  We will be adding news and photos of our work and activities on a regular basis.


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Online Research

Use the links below to carry out online research for your topics or to help with your homework.

History of Toys Workshop

As part of our history topic of Toys, Year 1 took part in a workshop all about toys through the years and how they have changed. Take a look at our blog for details.

Materials Madness Workshop

Year 1 have been lucky enough to have two workshop this half term! 

This workshop was all about Science and materials which we have been learning about in class. We found out lots of new and interesting facts about materials which we wrote about in our literacy! Have a look at our blog for more details.

National Theatre Performance

Year 1 were very excited to be part of a project with the National Theatre in May and to learn the story of The Sea Serpent's Daughter.


Each class created their own movement and sound piece and performed alongside performers Dom and Ted (and Ruth who did the props/scenery).


We were very excited to see lots of parents were able to come to the performance. Due to the limited seats we were only able to issue 1 ticket per child so a letter has been sent out today (13.7.16) to say we are going to play the performance in Red Hall on the big screen for parents to come and watch. The viewing will be at 3.30pm on Tuesday 19th July. Please return the slips to your child's teacher to confirm your attendance!



Year 1 had our second workshop. This workshop was all about materials which we are learning about for Science this half term. We really enjoyed the workshop and found it very interesting!


Toys Workshop

Year 1 had our first workshop of the year. It was all about toys! We are learning about the history of toys in our topic this half term so the workshop gave us a great introduction to old toys.



Christmas Performance 2015

Year 1 did an amazing Christmas Performance! The children worked really hard to learn new songs and some very brave children even stood up in front of everyone to tell the Christmas Story! Well done Year 1!